Why Buy An Electric Forklift?


  • Enhanced Operator Ergonomics: Electric forklifts generate virtually no noise except from their tires, lifts, or the sounds of their safety backup horns or warning beacons. Even then, this noise is minimal compared to the much louder forklift variants on the market. In addition, electric forklifts typically generate less vibration, which helps to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Better for the Environment: Because electric forklifts have no exhausts and electric forklift motors convert electro-chemical energy into mechanical energy, electric forklifts create zero emissions. Not only is this great for the environment, it also eliminates employee exposure to contaminated air while reducing the need for costly warehouse ventilation. Electric forklifts also generate zero disposal waste (i.e., engine and transmission fluid). As if that weren’t enough, a high percentage of the forklift battery lead is recyclable.
  • Decreased Repair Costs: Electric forklifts are also cheaper to maintain thanks to a number of reasons. For starters, their electric engines have less complex mechanics than their propane counterparts, meaning they’re less expensive to repair. As a result, less planned maintenance needs to be scheduled and performed
  • Lower Fuel Costs: Recharging batteries overnight is generally less expensive than replacing gas bottles or filling tanks with fuel on a regular basis. This means that electric forklifts have significantly cheaper day-to-day operating costs than propane forklifts.
  • Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Use: Thanks to their lack of harmful fumes, greater rear visibility, small turning radiuses, and streamlined designs that allow operators to easily maneuver through tight spaces without bumping into trucks, walls, or racks, electric forklifts are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor usage.

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